Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update January 2009

hello everyone!

Since this is my first update in 2009 I have to start off by saying that I hope you all are having a great year so far. We had a good time hosting our contacts at our Christmas party and also at our little get together for New Years Eve. Both holidays were good, interesting and new to witness in a different country especially for New Years. Here people love to shoot off fireworks everywhere and not just in a local gathering place. So you can stand outside on your balcony atleast for an hour and see big fireworks (like a 4th of July) and see them all over the city for as far as you can see. Then you'll see people shooting off fireworks in the street next to you and they come like 10ft from you. It was pretty fun and got exciting at some points! So anyways, my team and I appreciate your prayers!

Anyways wanted to let you know about things that are going on and some things that you can be praying about. I am finally having time now to really start working on the internet website. So please pray that everything would come together nicely in the next couple of months and also that it would really serve it's main purpose to mobilize people like you for prayer for Team Warsaw and also to get out information about how volunteers could get involved. Also in the next couple of weeks I will be going to a conference in Prague which all new people go to once they'll been on the field for a year. So January 28th thru February 5th I will be in Prague. Please pray that this will be a time of refreshment and encouragement. Please also continue to pray about building and deepening relationships. Thanks for all you do and I hope that you all are doing good!

Pray Requests:
- internet website creation to go smoothly and come together in the next couple of months
- internet website used to mobilize others
- refreshment and encouragement while in Prague for conference
- building and deepening relationships
- spiritual walk -- that I would stay grounded in the Word daily spending time with our Father

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Praise the Lord!!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I am feeling way better though I am not at 100% yet but on my way. I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for all the prayers that you have sent up to our Father for me. Thanks for the notes that some of you sent as well. I am pretty sure that I was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis. As most of you know, the first antibiotic didn't help me at all and then I started throwing up and getting dehydrated. I ended up going back to the clinic and the 2nd antibiotic that they prescribed to me has helped. I have been able to keep it down and the nausea has been gone for 4 days now. I will finish up the antibiotics taking my last dose thursday morning.

As of now I am taking it easy and trying to regain my strength back up. The swelling in my throat has almost completely gone away. I looked through the mirror with a flashlight this morning and my tonsils seem to be slightly swollen but way better than they were and also the white spots are also gone from what I can tell. So just continue to pray that I would make a full recovery and regain strength back. Again I just wanted to let you all know how I was doing and also wanted to express my thanks for all the prayers that you all have lifted up for me in this last week and a half. Thanks soo much!

walking with the KING,
John Mark

Friday, September 26, 2008

I have a computer now!

Hey everyone!

Again I want to say sorry for not being able to update you all after July because my computer was being fixed in the US. Wow, we had such a busy summer and saw God do some awesome things while we were seeking after Him....i don't know really where to start so I will give you the highlights.

The second group that we had in July came in to restore and pour a new foundation for the wall. It was very hard work as we had to dig out the rest of the brick foundation which was 10 layers deep and deal with some pretty big stinkin roots. It was kind of cool to me to think about the spiritual sense of that as it symbolizes us dealing with the spiritual roots and weeds in order to prepare the field for harvest....the second group also continued to clear the cemetery and clean bricks that we would need in the 3rd group. This second group was also part my brothers group was it was good to see him and be able to spend time with him a little.

The third group that we had come in the beginning of august was to rebuild the wall. They did a great job in doing that even though they didn't get it all done but they definitely got a good chuck of the week completed. They were also able to finish the clearing work in the cemetery which was a huge task. During the third group there were some very significant things that happened that I want to share with you all. First, the tv crew TVP (news station in Poland) came out and did a story on what we were doing in the cemetery and we were able to share why with them (we got to see it on tv too!!) . The second thing was that with each group, we took him to the Jewish Friday night service in Warsaw so that they could experience it. During the third group, we were invited and danced with them around the ......... while they sang songs in hebrew. It really was something great.
Jews and Gentiles together worshiping God...kind of a glimpse of what heaven will be like I think.

After the third group left, Steven, Aaron and I worked with 3 polish bricklayers to finish the wall. It took us about a week and a half but we were able to finish the wall and I have to say that it looks great considering that we had never laid brick before.
I put together a video of the work that we did this summer so that you could get a better idea for what we did. Here's the video:

the quality isn't very good but if you want a better one or to download it go to

Here is also the pictures that I used to make the video and some additional ones that I had as well. 

I want to thank you all for your continued prayers. During the next week, I am going to try and put an email together about why we are doing what we are doing in the Spiritual sense so that you all can more understand why we are doing this and so you can better pray for the Polish and Jewish people here in Poland. Here are some things that you can be praying about in the next couple of weeks. Thanks. Love all you guys!!! Miss you too

Pray Requests:
Pray for smooth transitition with my SC (the Reece's) leaving on October 15th
Pray for fast settlement for new journeygirl Kaylin joining our team October 3rd
Pray for Susan's english club and Joe's university class that is about to start back up that we would see new faces and new contacts would be made
Pray that I would stay grounded in the Word daily spending time with our Father